Origin of Brand

“JINN HUNG is a professional composite material manufacturer and supplier of the PA nylon engineering plastics PA6 and PA66.”
The chairperson of JINN HUNG has possessed more than 30-year experience with plastics, and the brand, JINN HUNG, has been established for 19 years to date. It has its own strict standard on procurement, starting from the selection and purchasing of raw materials, production process to sales of final products.
We are mindful of every single procedure. To date, the development of nylon material has been more than 80 years, and it is the material that has the largest production, most various, and widely-used among the five main engineering plastic materials.
However, the capability requirement for nylon product application in each use condition or environment is different, so the modified nylon material also plays an important role.
After nylon is modified, it will possess better mechanical capabilities, and the robustness, toughness, and wear-resistance, etc. all show fairly good performance. Also, it has addressed many issues in the applications. Additionally, Nylon is one of the recyclable and thermoplastic engineering plastics, which matches the current ideology of environmental sustainability.
Therefore, the nylon composite material becomes an indispensable material in all walks of life.
By means of filling enforcement and blending etc., nylon has obtained great enhancement in several aspects, which is expanding the range of nylon applications as well.
Please entrust the professional material to the specialist JINN HUNG.

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