Compared with PA66, PA6 has better toughness, a lower melting point (temperature), and better impact resistance and moisture absorption. With strong tensile strength, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance, PA6 performs well through modification (e.g., toughener and glass fiber filling).

Toughened and cold-resistant

Toughened and cold-resistant: good performance at extremely low temperatures in addition to reinforced impact resistance


  • Luggage


    Trolleys, luggage handles, luggage wheels, and anti-collision covers

    • Recommended specifications:J101NH、J101NH-06、J101BH、J101BH-06、J162NH、J162BH、J182NH and other series
  • Medical equipment

    Medical equipment

    Hospital bed wheels, wheelchair wheels, wheelchair axles, wheelchair pedals, and medical assistive devices and footwear accessories

    • Recommended specifications:J101NH、J101BH、J132NH-03、J132BH-03、J152BH-03、J162NH、J162BH and other series

Overview and features:
A special toughener such as POE is added to nylon to improve the toughness and low temperature resistance while maintaining the original mechanical properties of nylon, making nylon several times tougher and stronger than general-purpose plastics on record. In addition to strong water absorption, PA features high hardness, toughness, wear resistance and performs well at low temperatures in terms of resistance to impact. With high impact resistance, low temperature resistance, and toughness, PA is expected to be widely applied in the industries.