• Stroller


    Stroller shafts, armrest brackets, shaft brackets, buckles, axles, and stroller straps

  • Scooter


    Rearview mirror shells, rear armrest frames, rear exhaust guards and heat shields, and mudguards

  • Bicycle


    Chain covers, bicycle shoe soles, frames, shoe buckles, brake handles, and seat shafts

  • Sports equipment

    Sports equipment

    Water bottle cages, inline skate wheel bases, and shoe buckles

  • Office furniture

    Office furniture

    Chair frames, chair armrests, chair legs, and chair wheels

  • Electrical tools

    Electrical tools

    Tool casing, tool accessories, antistatic handles, etc.

  • Luggage


    Trolleys, luggage handles, luggage wheels, and anti-collision covers

  • Industrial parts

    Industrial parts

    Industrial wheels, water pumps, industrial spools, grinding wheels, bulb holders, and gears

  • Medical equipment

    Medical equipment

    Hospital bed wheels, wheelchair wheels, wheelchair axles, wheelchair pedals, and medical assistive devices and footwear accessories

  • Customized service

    Customized service

    Tailor-make products based on customer needs