With toughness and hardness, PA66 has a higher melting point in polyamide materials. Various modifiers, most commonly glass, are often added to improve the mechanical properties of PA66. PA66 performs well overall, especially in terms of hardness, rigidity, heat resistance, and creep.

Toughened and reinforced

Toughened and reinforced: resistance to deformation, cold resistance, and fatigue resistance in addition to high surface hardness


  • Stroller


    Stroller shafts, armrest brackets, shaft brackets, buckles, axles, and stroller straps

    • Recommended specifications:J152BH-03、J162NH、J162BH and other series
  • Scooter


    Rearview mirror shells, rear armrest frames, rear exhaust guards and heat shields, and mudguards

    • Recommended specifications:J162NH、J162BH、J262BH、J262NH、J132NH-03、J132BH-03 and other series
  • Sports equipment

    Sports equipment

    Water bottle cages, inline skate wheel bases, and shoe buckles

    • Recommended specifications:J162NH、J162BH、J132NH-03、J132BH-0 and other series
  • Office furniture

    Office furniture

    Chair frames, chair armrests, chair legs, and chair wheels

    • Recommended specifications:J152BH-03、J162NH、J162BH and other series
  • Medical equipment

    Medical equipment

    Hospital bed wheels, wheelchair wheels, wheelchair axles, wheelchair pedals, and medical assistive devices and footwear accessories

    • Recommended specifications:J101NH、J101BH、J132NH-03、J132BH-03、J152BH-03、J162NH、J162BH and other series

Overview and features:
A special toughener is added to nylon to improve the toughness, low temperature resistance, tensile strength, and bending strength of nylon. Toughened and reinforced plastics performs better in terms of toughness. Strength and toughness are relative, so an increase in strength will inevitably lead to a decrease in toughness, but impact resistance remains high. To greatly improve the tensile strength and bending strength of nylon relies on the performance of a toughener. As a result, we choose 8C POE as the base over 4C used by other manufacturers regardless of a higher cost. At Jinn Hung Plastic Co., LTD, customer satisfaction has top priority over gross profit!