Compared with PA66, PA6 has better toughness, a lower melting point (temperature), and better impact resistance and moisture absorption. With strong tensile strength, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance, PA6 performs well through modification (e.g., toughener and glass fiber filling).

Fiber glass reinforced

Fiber glass reinforced: high resistance to deformation and high hardness


  • Stroller


    Stroller shafts, armrest brackets, shaft brackets, buckles, axles, and stroller straps

    • Recommended specifications:J152BH-03、J162NH、J162BH and other series
  • Scooter


    Rearview mirror shells, rear armrest frames, rear exhaust guards and heat shields, and mudguards

    • Recommended specifications:J162NH、J162BH、J262BH、J262NH、J132NH-03、J132BH-03 and other series
  • Bicycle


    Chain covers, bicycle shoe soles, frames, shoe buckles, brake handles, and seat shafts

    • Recommended specifications:J162NH、J162BH、J182NH and other series
  • Sports equipment

    Sports equipment

    Water bottle cages, inline skate wheel bases, and shoe buckles

    • Recommended specifications:J162NH、J162BH、J132NH-03、J132BH-0 and other series
  • Office furniture

    Office furniture

    Chair frames, chair armrests, chair legs, and chair wheels

    • Recommended specifications:J152BH-03、J162NH、J162BH and other series
  • Electrical tools

    Electrical tools

    Tool casing, tool accessories, antistatic handles, etc.

    • Recommended specifications:J162NH、J162BH、J182NH and other series
  • Luggage


    Trolleys, luggage handles, luggage wheels, and anti-collision covers

    • Recommended specifications:J101NH、J101NH-06、J101BH、J101BH-06、J162NH、J162BH、J182NH and other series
  • Industrial parts

    Industrial parts

    Industrial wheels, water pumps, industrial spools, grinding wheels, bulb holders, and gears

    • Recommended specifications:J162NH、J162BH、J182NH and other series
  • Medical equipment

    Medical equipment

    Hospital bed wheels, wheelchair wheels, wheelchair axles, wheelchair pedals, and medical assistive devices and footwear accessories

    • Recommended specifications:J101NH、J101BH、J132NH-03、J132BH-03、J152BH-03、J162NH、J162BH and other series

Overview and features:
It has excellent mechanical properties, including significant improvement in rigidity, heat resistance, deformation resistance and fatigue resistance, reduction in elongation, mold shrinkage, and moisture absorption, significant improvement in thermal stability and dimensional stability, and wear resistance. With an excellent performance and easy-to-process feature, it is cost-effective and eco-friendly to produce.